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The Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMA®) Board of Directors have established a recognition program (Awards of Achievement) for the purpose of commemorating individuals and events whose contributions to the Canadian country music industry have been deemed as outstanding and/or extraordinary.

The four current Awards of Achievement are:

Gary Slaight Music Humanitarian Award

This Award recognizes an individual(s) and/or event(s) that have made an outstanding contribution of time and energy in the support of humanitarian causes through country music. This award is currently named the Gary Slaight Music Humanitarian Award in recognition of a generous donation by the Slaight Music Foundation.

Leonard T. Rambeau International Award

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary effort in assisting the aims and initiatives of the Canadian country music industry internationally. Named in honour of Leonard T. Rambeau in 1995, Mr. Rambeau was one of the most important behind-the-scenes figures in the development of the Canadian music industry internationally and was notably one of the most professional artist managers in the history of Canadian music.

Hank Smith Award of Excellence

This award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond their current job in contributing his or her time and talents for the advancement of Canadian country music nationally. Named in honour of Hank Smith in 2003, Mr. Smith had the foresight to energize, promote and support the first organization to work for country music in Canada. As the founding president of the Academy of Country Music Entertainment (the organization which preceded the CCMA), Smith planted the seeds of the association with the goal of fostering Canadian country music.

CCMA Generation Award

This award was established in 2012 out of the desire to celebrate those who have been propelled beyond the borders of the country music genre onto an international stage. The CCMA Generation Award highlights these few select internationally celebrated artists who push country music forward, introducing the genre of music to new audiences. The artists to be celebrated with the CCMA Generation Award are cross-generational superstars, who have demonstrated that their classification of “country star” has not limited them in their rise to fame.

Recognizing the ability of talented artists to reach fans globally, this award will be presented to artists (solo, duo or group) who have made a significant impact on the country music industry. As this is recognizing the artist’s contribution beyond their own national borders, those to be considered do not have to be Canadian citizens, but their contribution must have had a significant impact on the Canadian scene. These artists have broken barriers in areas such as record sales, growth and expansion of new audiences, and creating increased awareness of country music across the globe. Most importantly, the CCMA Generation Award recipients will encompass the belief held by the CCMA that every artist has the ability to change the world through the power of song.

A list of past recipients for all Awards of Achievement can be found below.

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The closing date for 2023 nominations is: Thursday, April 13, 2023

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Past Recipients

Humanitarian Award

The Hank Smith Award of Excellence

Leonard T. Rambeau International Award

CCMA Generation Award