Paid Distribution Services for the 2015 CCMA Awards Program


The CCMA is pleased to provide its members with a paid distribution service throughout the balloting process for the 2015 CCMA Awards Program. This electronic service may be used for the solicitation of votes by members of the CCMA to the membership of the CCMA. For example, a nominee or their representative could have a request for voting consideration sent to all eligible voting members of the CCMA.

How It Works

  • CCMA Members interested in reserving a spot for the 2015 CCMA Awards Program paid distribution service should email with their top three choices for distribution dates
  • A “first come, first served” system is in place for reserving dates for paid distribution, based on when emails are received at the email address
  • Once a CCMA Member has emailed the CCMA office with their desired distribution dates, they will be contacted by the CCMA office to confirm a date (or discuss other date options)
  • In order to reserve a paid distribution calendar spot, the CCMA Member making the request must not have any outstanding balances with the CCMA

Cancellation Policy

Should a CCMA member wish to cancel the paid distribution notice they reserved a calendar date for, they must do so at minimum three business days in advance of their scheduled distribution date. Failure to do so will result in being charged full price for the distribution notice.

Available Dates for the 2015 CCMA Awards Program Paid Distribution Services 

First Ballot: 16 spots available, including Monday, May 18
Second Ballot: 14 spots available, including Wednesday, July 1
Third Ballot: 18 spots available, including Monday, August 3

- No more than one paid distribution notice will be sent out per day during the balloting process
- Maximum of one notice per ballot, per CCMA Member
- No paid distribution notices will be sent out on the days the First, Second and Third Ballots open (May 13, June 17, July 15)
- Paid distribution notices will be sent out every day of the week, aside from Sundays, including statutory holidays at 9:00 a.m. ET

Artwork and Messaging for Notices

  • Artwork and content for the distribution notice must be supplied by the CCMA Member to the CCMA office a minimum of two business days in advance of its scheduled distribution date (except for the distribution dates of May 14, June 18 and July 16 – the days immediately following a ballot opening). No other exceptions will be made.
    • Failure to provide artwork two business days in advance of a reserved distribution date will be considered a late cancellation and subject to applicable cancellation fees
  • Artwork must be sent in JPEG format, not exceeding 900 pixels in width
    • The use of any CCMA logos (corporate, Country Music Week, CCMA Awards, etc.) is not permitted
    • FACTOR/Government of Canada credits should be added, if applicable
  • The CCMA office must first approve the notice before it is queued to send to the CCMA Membership
  • The CCMA reserves the right to refuse to distribute any content it deems inappropriate or misrepresentative in any way
  • All paid distribution communications will include the following disclaimer:
    * The preceding message has been sent through a distribution service provided exclusively by the CCMA to the CCMA membership for an access and administration fee

Reserve Today

Email to request a date for the 2015 CCMA Awards Program paid distribution service and to inquire about pricing.


Sponsors of Country Music Week and the 2015 CCMA Awards include FACTOR, Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters and The Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s “Canada Music Fund”, Radio Starmaker Fund, the Province of Nova Scotia, the City of Halifax and Destination Halifax.