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Dick Damron

  • Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1994
  • Birth: March 22, 1934 - Bentley, Alberta



Few artists in the history of Canadian country music have worked harder or longer than Dickie Damron. Born Joseph Glenn Damron, Dick got his first guitar at the age of five, and has since released no less than 27 albums of many genres, from 1958’s Rockabilly to the instrumental and Christian country music that he is recording today.

Damron’s 1957 debut single is considered by many to be one of the best and rarest in first generation Rockabilly. He recorded his first number one record, ‘Hitch Hikin’’ in Nashville, topping the country music charts in 1965. His 1970 hit, ‘Countrified’ was later recorded by George Hamilton IV and served as the theme song on his syndicated TV show.

Early on in his career, Damron toured with the Musical Roundup Gang and the Nightriders, and through his career has toured extensively both domestically and internationally. Damron is a member of The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and has won honours ranging from ‘Foreign Artist of the Year’ in Europe to five Texas Country Music Awards. His most popular songs include: ‘Silver and Shine’, ‘Whiskey Jack’, ‘My Good Woman’, ‘High On You’, ‘The Ballad of T.J’s’, ‘If You Need Me Lord’, and ‘Wild Horses’. His country/gospel song, ‘Jesus It’s Me Again’ continues to be one of his more popular compositions recorded by several Canadian artists, as well as by Nashville’s Charley Pride and George Hamilton IV.

In 1972, Damron appeared at the Grand Ole Opry, and in 1977 he presented the Dick Damron Country Music Festival in his hometown of Bentley, Alberta. As an author, Damron has published three books with another on the way.

The dozens of nominations, citations, awards and honours Damron has earned over five decades in country music are a testament to his ability to write superb songs and entertain his audiences. These accolades also represent the sincere affection, respect and love he feels for the country music community.


Dick Damron was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame at the 1994 Canadian Country Music Association Awards:

Dick Damron Photo Album

Photo Credits: Kelly Mullner and Grant Martin Photography