Hall of Fame Inductees

We are proud of all Hall of Fame Inductees and their contribution to Canadian country music. Click on the Inductee name for more information.

Larry Delaney

  • Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996
  • Birth: August 30, 1942


Larry Delaney is the “voice of country music in Canada”. As the founder, editor and publisher of Country Music News, he profiles and publicizes Canadian country music singers and songwriters who are working to build the Canadian country music industry.

Since 1980, Country Music News has been published monthly from the Ottawa home that Delaney shares with his wife Joanne. The newspaper’s loyal readership, both in Canada and internationally, acts as an indispensable source of information, news and opinions for everyone involved in the Canadian country music industry.

Delaney was recognized in 1996 as being the first recipient of the CCMA’s Stan Klees Hall of Honour Builder Award, which acknowledges the respect and affections by which he is held by everyone in the Canadian country music industry. He is an eleven-time recipient of the CCMA’s Country Music Person of the Year award.