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R. Harlan Smith

  • Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005
  • Birth: November 6, 1939 - Central Butte, Saskatchewan


A significant figure in the development and promotion of country music in Western Canada, R. Harlan Smith began his career under the pseudo name Bob Smith, playing guitar and singing with Two Sharps and a Flat. His recording Ode to Suburbia was a major hit in Canada in 1970. Changing his name in 1972, he began singing with a characteristically country-pop style and had numerous hits, including Ding-A-Ling Debbie, Momma Brown, Life & Love & You, Here Comes Yesterday, We’ve Got the Magic and Stolen Moments.

Although his career was focused mainly in Western Canada, Smith was seen on several national TV series, including "Family Brown Country", "The Tommy Hunter Show" and "Sun Country". Smith also founded Royalty Records, which includes such artists as Gary Fjellgaard, Danny Hooper, Russell Thornberry, Chris Nielson, Laura Vinson, etc.

Smith received Big Country Awards for Record Producer of the Year (1976, 1980) and Best Album (1977), as well as numerous Juno nominations. He was president of the Alberta Recording Industry Association in 1977, has served twice as a director for the CCMA and is a recipient of the Alberta Achiever Award of Excellence.

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