Hall of Fame Inductees

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Weird Harold Kendall

  • Inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004


Harold Kendall’s passion and knowledge of country music is legendary in the Canadian broadcasting industry. Kendall began his commitment to a career in radio early and by the time he left high school; he was 100% certain that he wanted to work in the music industry.

Kendall spent two decades at CKWX in Vancouver, BC (1973-1993) at the Music Director, becoming one of the most knowledgeable sources for music facts and history in the industry. Kendall was known as the ‘go-to’ man for any information about music and artists, right across Canada.

Kendall received the handle ‘Weird” when asked to entertain visiting star Roger Miller, who had the reputation of being a very funny and outgoing star. By the time Miller left, a co-worker at CKWX thought Kendall had been so affected that he dubbed him “Weird” and the name stuck throughout his career.