posted on March 5, 2015

An album is defined as a collection of several pieces of music made available as a single item. The album can be a special project or commemorative package and should be judged on all aspects including, but not limited to artistic performance, production, design, art layout and liner notes. This award is for an album as a whole unit.


  • The eligibility period is March 1, 2014 through to April 30, 2015;
  • The album must have been released for National sale and public consumption within the eligibility period;
  • The act must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Within a group or duo, at least 50% of the members must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants;
  • All final nominees are required to be members of the CCMA (industry level) in good standing. Within a group or duo, 50% of the members must be members of the CCMA;
  • The album must contain no less than six (6) tracks;
  • 50% of the tracks must have been released during the current eligibility period, having never appeared on a previous album.


Album of the Year follows a three (3) step selection process:

  • STEP ONE (first ballot) – Each eligible CCMA member may vote for ONE AND ONLY ONE of the contenders provided. The ten (10) contenders receiving the most mentions in each category will appear on the second ballot, providing they meet the eligibility requirements, as determined by the CCMA’s Award Verification Committee;
  • STEP TWO - The ten (10) contenders will then be juried by a panel of unbiased jurors. The five (5) nominees decided on by the voting panel will proceed to the third ballot for a membership vote;
  • STEP THREE (third ballot) - From the list of nominees supplied, each eligible CCMA member may vote for ONE, AND ONLY ONE nominee in each category. The nominee receiving the most votes will be announced as the winner.


  • The Album of the Year Award is presented at the annual CCMA Awards Show during Country Music Week;
  • One (1) award is presented to the act, courtesy of the CCMA. In the case of a group or duo, one (1) award will be presented to each core member of the group/duo.