Hall of Fame Overview

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The Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMA®) has been honouring Canadian Artists and Builders who have made long-term contributions to the growth and development of Canadian country music since 1984. Inductees into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame) are selected annually by their Canadian peers in the industry. The Hall of Fame is managed by the CCMA Board of Directors' appointed Hall of Fame Management Committee (Management Committee).


In 2020, there will be two (2) Hall of Fame Inductees selected: one (1) Artist and one (1) Builder.

An Artist (solo, duo or group) is a professional performer (Canadian singer/musician) who has recorded and released music that has contributed significantly to the advancement of country music in Canada.

A Builder is an individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of country music in Canada. These individuals could include, but are not limited to: artist manager, booking agent, consultant, distributor, event and venue management, media, music publisher, producer, public relations, publication, publicity, radio, record company person, retailer, talent buyer/promoter and television/video.

The information below is an overview of the Hall of Fame induction process and criteria for evaluating Artists and Builders for this honour.



The Hall of Fame Induction process has three (3) phases:
1. Management of the Grand List (on-going)
2. Nominating of Candidates (November)
3. Selection of Inductees (January-March)

Phase 1 - Management of the Grand List

The Grand List is broken down into two (2) categories – eligible Artists and eligible Builders who will be considered each year for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Members of the CCMA are invited throughout the year to suggest an individual or group in the category of Artist and/or Builder for possible induction into the Hall of Fame. The member must complete the Consideration Form, which can be found here, or by contacting Kayla Gumb at the CCMA at 416-947-1331 ext. 213 or at kgumb@ccma.org.

In December, the Management Committee is presented with all of the completed Consideration Forms submitted. This committee carefully reviews, validates and ensures that each Artist and Builder brought forward for consideration qualifies for addition to the Grand List based on the current criteria (see pages 4-5).

Once added to the Grand List, a Contender must receive 5% of the votes from the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee (Nominating Committee) for two (2) consecutive years to remain on the Grand List. If they do not receive 5% of the votes for two (2) consecutive years, their name will be removed from the Grand List.

If a Contender has not made the Top 10, as determined by the Electors Committee, for five (5) consecutive years, the Contender’s name will be removed the Grand List.

A Contender’s name can be re-added to the Grand List if they are re-submitted with a Consideration Form and accepted by the Management Committee.

In the case of a death, a Contender’s name will be removed from the Grand List for the current year’s induction process. Their name will be automatically re-added for the next year’s induction process. If the death occurred after Phase 2 voting of the current year’s induction process has commenced, and/or if the Contender’s name is already in the Top 10 Candidates List, the name will stand.

Phase 2 - Nomination of Candidates

Each year, the Management Committee selects at least 15 individuals to be part of the Nominating Committee.

In January of each year, the Nominating Committee is vested with the responsibility of reviewing the entire Grand List and voting for ten (10) Artists and ten (10) Builders that they deem most deserving of this recognition. The list of ten (10) Artists and ten (10) Builders is called the Candidates List and is put forth to a larger committee called the Hall of Fame Electors Committee (Electors Committee) to select the final inductees (Phase 3).

Phase 3 - Selection of Inductees

The Electors Committee, made up of at least 70 individuals, consists of past Hall of Fame Inductees and industry professionals, appointed by the Management Committee. Between February and March of each year, the Electors Committee is vested with the responsibility of reviewing the entire Candidates List, and through a two (2) part voting process, the committee ultimately selects one (1) Artist Inductee and one (1) Builder Inductee.

Electors will serve for life as long as they continue to and agree to participate. Electors failing to vote for two (2) consecutive years will automatically be considered incapacitated, and their name will be dropped from the committee. The Management Committee will consider reinstating these individuals to the Electors Committee upon written request.

Electors must have participated actively in country music for at least ten (10) years and must merit respect and recognition for their accomplishments and/or knowledge in one or more aspect(s) of country music.

The members of the Nominating Committee also serve on the Electors Committee.

Members of the current or past CCMA Board of Directors may also serve on the Electors Committee (or Nominating Committee), if deemed worthy and appointed by the Management Committee.

The names of the individuals on both the Nominating Committee and the Electors Committee will remain anonymous to each other and to the CCMA Membership.


The Hall of Fame Management Committee, Nominating Committee and Electors Committee will consider the following when casting their vote(s) in the current year:

ARTIST Category

In addition, the Artist must be prominent in a minimum of three (3) of the following five (5) categories:

If a group is being submitted, all members of the group should be listed, including which periods of time they were active in the group. If inducted into the Hall of Fame, only the members listed on the Consideration Form will be inducted. Names cannot be added or removed after induction.

BUILDER Category

In addition, the following factors will be considered in both the Artist and Builder categories:

BASIC STANDARD – A Contender is to be judged on the degree of their impact on Canadian country music and on the degree of their contribution to the advancement of Canadian country music. This includes, but is not limited to, social, economic and artistic contributions.

INDIVIDUAL CANDIDACY – Only individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame (with the exception in the Artist category where groups/duos are eligible for induction). Companies, publications, radio stations and other groups – many of which significantly foster Canadian country music – are not eligible for induction.

SCOPE OF ACTIVITY – A Contender may have excelled in a narrow, specific sphere, such as songwriting, publishing, as a musician, or a recording artist, etc., or may have been active in several areas. In any event, a Contender must have achieved definitive leadership in their own field of country music activity. However, it is not mandatory to honour the leader in every activity related to country music, a candidate truly must compete with all Contenders in all fields as well as with all Contenders in their own field.

SPAN OF INFLUENCE – A Contender’s impact on Canadian country music may cover an uninterrupted span of many years, or may cover two (2) or more distinct and separated time cycles. Conceivably, a Contender may be eligible by one transient act, momentary in time that had major impact on Canadian country music. Longevity of involvement within Canadian country music; therefore, will not in itself warrant induction.

INFLUENCE ON OTHERS – A most significant criterion in evaluating a Contender will be their inspirational effect on others; the degree to which they multiply their influence through others to create an impact on Canadian country music far beyond their own direct individual contribution.

QUANTITY VS. QUALITY – A Contender’s ability to expand the popularity of Canadian country music is a quantitative virtue. The professionalism of their activity is a “qualitative” one. Both quantitative and qualitative criteria are to be considered equally and separately; conceivably, one may be present without the other.

DEVOTION TO OTHERS – Furthering Canadian country music by selfless devotion to the interest of others may enhance the candidacy of an individual, but it is not essential to an induction. The activities of a Contender may be completely self-devoted and still be considered significant enough to warrant recognition.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND IMAGE – A Contender is expected to have practiced the highest caliber of professional conduct in order to enhance both their public image and the image of Canadian country music.

PERSONAL MORALS AND BEHAVIOUR – The selection process is not a judgement of personal morals and behaviours, providing the latter does not negatively effect the professional conduct of the candidate or the public image of Canadian country music.